Never Give Up.......Motor Neurone Disease.

Monday, June 09, 2008


What is it that brings us altogether in times of stress. In a time when family life means so much to us. A time when unity of the family unit becomes so important. I believe it is love.
But having said that sometimes it can have the reverse effect . When a person in your circle of life is diagnosed with a terminal illness it is that bond, that love off and for the person concerned that will bring family members together. In most cases. Sometimes the diagnoses will drive those family members apart..
And you will find that people in general, if aware of the circumstances surrounding the person concerned will, in effect, become involved with the looking after and/or providing of care for that person so diagnosed.
I know that my thoughts on ALS/MND are open to all and sundry and I believe that to be somewhat radical. I am very positive in my belief that having contracted this disease and knowing that I can not reverse the process that there is only one other thing to do and that is to get on with life as best I can. To be visible and show to your loved ones that despite your condition, your inability to maybe walk or talk or even eat real food that inside this person there is still a beating heart, that there is still blood flowing through my veins, that I can still laugh and cry and that I am still capable of taking part in family life if only by being in the same room.
I am enjoying watching my youngest grandson who has in the last two days started walking. I wonder what the future has in store for him and all children worldwide. Will they have the benefits of modern medical science and live in a world free of crippling diseases . I would like to think that maybe, just maybe that will be possible….
Last week while at day care I made with some help a birthday card for my wife Jan and seeing her reaction on opening it was worth all the effort on my part.


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