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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sixty six years and still going

Well, here I am on a slightly overcast day in sunny New Plymouth. I am sitting propped up on the bed with my laptop on a tray deciding what to say... On the 24th I turned 66 ( wow, that's really old ) and was shouted out to an evening meal with my wife, son John and family.
The preceding two days had been interesting. We had to be at Wellington Airport by 7am so I could be processed and be ready to be loaded onto the plane first. We had left our car with a cousin of Jan's not far from the Airport to avoid having to pay long term parking fee's.
Having been dropped at the airport and with our suitcase checked in we made our way down to gate 12. A forklift with a special cage was waiting on the tarmac along with an isle chair to which I transfered to.
The family took me out the following nite to cellebrate my birthday and this t-shirt was given to me by the staff... we thought it was really great and caused much laughter. oh.. if only I could I said with a smile..


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