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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Well balanced

We are a complex , multifunctional creature. We are a race of people, known to be resourceful in certain fields such as medicine but it is in that very same department where we come unstuck.
I like to think that the human body is the epitome of what mother nature can do. It is a pity also that in this perfect example of a well balanced machine of blood and bone, muscle and tendons that an imperfection can occur and it is starting to do so with alarming speed around the world.
I am talking about ALS/MND and the fact that to date there is no known cure for people with this condition. It is also a fact of life that those of us with it ( well, most of us ) get on with living as best we can .
Life is hard enough as it is without any of us having to fight for it but that is what you and I are doing, day by day, hour by hour in some cases. Every day I open my eyes is a reason for me to say ‘thank you’, get up and enjoy whatever comes my way.
Getting out in my power wheelchair is a real buzz and meeting up with friends or going to visit some ones place can be very rewarding. You learn to regulate how much you can do while out so as not to be too tired by the time you get home again.

Showing people that we can take part in every day affairs, that we can and do go into restaurants /movie theatres and use public transport in our chairs and also go shopping. That just because we are in a wheelchair does not mean that we can not talk or think for ourselves

I also find that help is never far away and if you are a person who is not afraid to accept help then do so, it makes life so much easier.
Another great thing is that sometimes out of the blue your day is made better by a surprise in the mail. This happened to me today when I received a small parcel. On opening it we found that there was a musical CD from Jim Mora, a well known presenter on Radio New Zealand. Jim is a talk back host and is also involved in a TV program called ‘Mucking in’.
It is the little things like this that mean so much. A smile, a laugh, its not much to ask for and if you can reciprocate then the effect is two fold.


  • It's nice to hear the CD was welcome, Robert. Someone close to me had motor neurone disease. I am full of admiration for the courage of those who face and fight it. Jim

    By Blogger Jim, At 8:35 PM  

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