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Friday, May 16, 2008

Bipap... pro's and con's

The last couple of months has been interesting in the extreme what with having a cold and generally feeling somewhat ‘flat’ and then having to undergo chest x-ray, lung function tests and blood been taken to check for oxygen levels etc. Lung tests I couldn't’t do simply because I didn’t have enough puff to blow into all the different tubes. And my medical team want me to spend a night at the sleep clinic to see if I need a ‘Bi-pap’ machine to help me sleep at night.
At time of writing this my sleeping pattern is OK…I don’t have any trouble with breathing while asleep so what the heck…
The question I would like to ask those of you who have such a machine is how do you cope with it and more to the point how do your spouses or partners cope. What is considered a good night when using a Bi-pap and and are there side affects.
The next question I want to ask is do I go ahead with it. I (we) need to make a decision sometime soon…. In other words what are the pro’s and con’s of using a Bi-pap.
I know that one affect is to help give a quality of life to an individual with breathing problems.
I have talked about the Bipap… I haven’t eaten solid food for I don’t know how long now. My main diet is Fortisip and I try to average four a day, I should really try for six.
I am still able to stand upright and walk with ever increasing difficulty so not bed bound yet. Dressing I need help with. And my speech is becoming harder to hear so now have a speech amplifier which I can wear at home and when going out.
I spend most of my day now on my electric lazy-boy chair watching TV or resting. I have had the odd person email asking if I am Ok due to the long gaps in my blog so am trying to remedy that now.
Recognition of our disease and all of the conditions that go with it is still not understood by the majority of New Zealanders and that I am sorry to say includes the medical fraternity.
Preconception of our condition leaves a lot to be desired . So often do people associate MND/ALS with MS and they are two very different ailments.


  • Hello Rob.

    My husband Bill has been using a bipap machine now for almost 6 months. It has certainly helped him sleep well at night. The machine he has is very compact, easy to maintain for both myself and our children. He requires the bipap more specifically to help him release the carbon monoxide in his system rather than help him breath in properly. He was suffering from severe headaches prior to getting the bipap because he was unable to "breathe out" all the rubbish properly. He has to date had no problems as a result of using the bipap.

    Hope this helps...

    Erin Gardiner

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 9:05 PM  

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