Never Give Up.......Motor Neurone Disease.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


When we approach the cross road of life some of us are in the position of knowing, all be it approximately, of when that time will be. The two and a half years that I was given will be the middle of next month and I fully intend to exceed that period of time.
I have met, via the internet, some remarkable people and count myself privileged to have made contact with them. And I refer not only to people with ALS/MND but to those of you who are our hands, eyes and ears. Without your help, your dedication and caring, be it personal or professional, people like me would be in dia straits. And it is also to our partners/spouses who in many instances put their own medical needs behind them that we must thank.
A person with a disability needing support and help should be able to access that help twenty four hours a day, regardless of their location in this world. But we all know that this is not the case.
To anyone diagnosed with ALS/MND you ask why !. And the answer is simply, we don’t know why. Some of you may question ‘higher powers’ but to most of us, like myself, there is no way that I can change what mother nature has done to me ,so, I accept the condition ( knowing the ultimate outcome ) and get on with the job of living.
Alright, I can’t walk anymore, eating is a problem, I have moments when my breathing is compromised by shortness of breath, hands are becoming more difficult to use, ie, need help dressing and undressing, bathing etc..
Using the computer is also harder to do. As of this moment I am a one finger person. And I am coping. Another problem now is that the weather has got so much colder and keeping warm has become a priority.
I have every reason to feel sorry for myself, but my disability, condition, call it what you will, is minor. There are other people out there on this planet who are far worse of than what I am and my heart goes out to them.
I will give an example … two men here in NZ in the last eighteen months have had their lives ripped apart by loosing limbs in recycling machines. What these men have had to go through since is mind blowing so you see, I have nothing to complain about.
I continue to take every day as it comes as a bonus


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