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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Give and take

What am I…I am a person approaching the golden age of my life where I can sit back and watch the world flow past. A world full of marvels, new and old. A world where nothing seems impossible and every day gives us something else to speculate on.
It won’t be long before mankind heads out to the far reaches of outer space or have cities on the ocean bottom. We will have learnt to co-exist with other life forms and benefit from their knowledge with regard to our many medical problems.
Science fiction, well, maybe. But we can dream and dreaming is I think a prerequisite of anyone reaching that milestone in their golden years. Many years have gone past and I don’t regret any of them.
I can watch with interest the grandchildren growing up in a world that is changing every day and maybe not for the better. We still have our wars, religious persecution, hate, starvation and the general hardship that so many
People have had to bear. But out of this in little pockets around the world you will find wonder, love, and the will to live as normal a life as possible .
We give with one hand and take with the other.. that is our nature. And so it is with me. I have given of myself to workmates, friends and family all my life and now is the time to take.
We watch as life strides past us heading off along the road that we, because of our condition, must follow. To anyone with ALS/MND there comes a time when the very nature of what we have dictates how we are to spend the remaining months or years. But if you are a fighter you may be able to change if ever so slightly the conditions imposed on you.
If you are a young mother with small children then life must of necessity be hard to bear but that is where family come in. And to have the support of a spouse or partner makes your journey through the time remaining so important .
Everyone deserves to reach that golden age including us so as I reach forward and gather about me all the things that mean so much my thoughts go out to those of you heading along the same path as myself.
Don’t look down but keep your gaze focused ahead of you and take what ever is put in your way as just one more gate to open on this, your road to life….


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