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Friday, May 30, 2008


Photo of the three boys busy with cardboard boxes..who needs expensive toys.......

To a person in my position a child can evoke a whole range of emotions. When that child is a grandchild and you are able to see him or her on a daily basis then life becomes enjoyable. We, Jan and I are lucky enough to have not one but three grandsons ranging in age from almost five, two years and the youngest of eleven months. Their names are Kaleb, Luke and John Mark.
We have the pleasure of their company five afternoons a week when Jan picks them up from day care. When they come in the door to where I am there are mixed reactions. The eldest, Kaleb, heads for the toys. Luke has only one objective in mind, food, and heads for the fridge and the baby of the three is quite happy to bumble around on the floor. He is almost walking and it is delightful to see him holding onto his Nana’s hand and taking those first tentative steps forward .
It is only a short while later and the lounge floor has become a disaster area with boys, toys and empty cardboard boxes. Books are found in quick succession for Nana to read to the two oldest boys while baby has decided to investigate the drawer handles of the china cabinet.
John Mark see’s Nana with a bottle and makes a bee line for her moving as fast as he can on all fours. He can now hold the bottle himself while resting on Nana.
It is a constant joy watching the boys interacting with each other. A large cardboard box has been played with for over a week, being used as a slide, a tunnel and something to play in.
Kaleb and Luke are now on the floor and John Mark joins in the rough and tumble. Their parents arrive and a short while later after hugs and kisses calm settles into our lounge as the children head home with Mum and Dad.
Where would we be without children to love. Be it one child or one of many a child can bring peace, love, joy and a calmness of mind.

Children the world over can in many instances regardless of where they live bring stability to a family. To watch a child's face at such times like Christmas and at birthdays is a landmark of family life. They also have the remarkable ability to accept at face value the fact that someone is sick.
Children can teach us adults so many things about life…..


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