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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Still here....

Hi folks, I’m still here. Just not as active as I have been.
Update on my condition… Still have the odd spot of breathing problem, you know, trying to get that extra lungful of air. And this can happen at any time of the day or night.
And because my backside is now so small ( muscle wastage ) my tailbone is the first thing I feel when I sit down.
Eating becoming more of a problem as there are now so many items of food that just won’t go past the back of my throat. Sticking a finger in to move the food around is not an option as I have a bad gag reflex. I find now that even having a cup of tea or coffee I sometimes have to make myself put the cup to my mouth and force myself to have a drink. It is all very time consuming. Thank goodness for the peg…


  • So glad to hear you are well.

    Thank you for giving of yourself so much on this forum, your words are a great help to my family and myself.


    By Blogger Bill Gardiner, At 9:12 AM  

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