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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Update : Robert Coutts

Hello, my name is Phillip coutts, youngest son of Robert & Jan Coutts.
I am writing to update everyone on dads condition, also a little bit about him from the perspective of a son.

Robert is still currently in Te Omanga Hospice, he has been there for about a month now, it was quite a shock to us all for this to happen, as he was in good spirits, and after going to day care he never came home. He fell ill with a lung infection, to which he took a heck of a blow, with the care of the hospice staff he has come right, infection has gone.
But in the long run he has suffered a bit, as his condition has detereated, breathing has become more difficult and is virtually bed bound.
Taking all this into account, guess what, his spirits are still high, and is looking forward to comming home HOPEFULLY if all goes well.
I will try to update his blog every few days as we know more.

As for me, it has been hard to watch over the years, seeing my dad, a person who i look up to for guidence and strength, go through what he has been through and is yet still to do so.
Robert is a good man, always kind and caring with not a bad word to say about anyone, this is somthing i try to follow, all be it not very well, but i do try. As i am a husband and a dad myself with three boys (picture of them playing with the boxes)Kaleb, L'vcaean(luke) and john-mark, along with my wife Tamlyn, i do try and follow in his footsteps, to treat my boys with the respect and love in which he gave my brother and I, also to be caring and always loving to my wife as he has been to Jan.

Reading through his blog and hearing what others have to say about him is up lifting, i am pleased to see he has touched so many people around the world, given people hope and also advice, it is all very humbling. We do plan to keep this blog running and keep intouch with everyone that he has written to.

We wish dad all the best and keep fighting NEVER GIVE UP


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