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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Moving house

On September 28th my quality of life changed when I and Jan moved into another house. When you can not walk and your legs do not want to bend at the knees the bath as shown in the photo at left was rapidly turning into a nightmare for me.

Having tried to get a house through a Government Agency with a disability shower and after many months of nothing happening we decided to go public with our story.

Photo of new 'Disability shower'...

Being bathed now is a breeze and the feeling of freedom in the bathroom is really great. Having someone who will come in five days a week ( at this stage ) and take from me the daily stress and hassle of bathing and give to me a new meaning to the 'Quality of life' has to be felt to be believed.
There is no loss of dignity in a situation like this and you are treated with the up most respect. Having being able up until a couple of months ago to do my own bathing I took on board the fact that there are agencies who will provide all the care and attention to your own personal care..


Over the last few weeks have been having 'breathing' problems, ie, trying to take in extra gulps of air. To help ease this I am taking a 'diluted' mixture of Morphine. Walking with the 'Gutter Walker' is getting slower. Have also been oked to have a feeding tube fitted ( PEG ) sometime in the next month or so. I may never use it but it will be there in case I do.

A bit of trivia.....

A collection of teddy bears is called 'A Hug" and this is part of our extended family...
A person who collects teddy bears is called a Arctophilist ( Arctophile )


  • I admire your spirit for accepting the cards that life has dealt you and making the most of the time that is in front of you, as many others with this diagnosis would simply give up. Take every day as a new challenge to accomplish things that you may not have previously considered no matter how big or small, remember you will always be the same person even though you may look physically different and dont let others forget that.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 3:15 PM  

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